Namaste readers!

In order to become a Registered Yoga Instructor through internationally recognized Yoga Alliance I attended 200+ hours of hands on training at Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado, USA.

This training was the most strenuous and insightful experience I’ve ever been a part of. At times we practiced the physical part of asana yoga for 6 hours straight. Other times we studied various types of practices from breathing exercises, meditation, restorative to name a few.

I was specifically trained to become a vinyasa flow instructor meaning one breath, one motion. This can entail an upbeat and fast paced class or a very relaxed and soothing one.

I am very thankful for the gift of yoga and being able to put my passions into helping others. I firmly believe yoga saved my mind, body, and soul from time to time during those dark years in college. I’m happy to say I’m more or less on the other side and ready to share my light and what I’ve learned with you!

Please check out the Action Ahimsa Facebook page for specific class times and dates.

I’m currently located in Christchurch, New Zealand however am hoping to begin planning retreats in the near future. Email me if you’d like to collaborate!


I wrote “Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Everyone” and it was published in Pikes Peak Senior Magazine. If you don’t think you can, you can. If you have physical restraints, that’s okay we can modify!

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