Seasonal Spring Foods

High fiber, phytochemical silymarin which supports both liver and gallbladder health. Detox and digestion of fats. High levels of gluthione, a powerful antiaging nutrient.

Rich in vitamin K and packed with chlorophyll.

15 percent of daily iron in just a few stalks. Contains folate/B Vitamin, glutathione a special protector of our mitochondria, increases the energy and oxygen carrying capacity of our blood.

Electrolyte containing potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, selenium.

Dandelion Greens
Acne and eczema remedy, liver and kidney support, aids in digestion. Vitamin A.

Vitamin A, liver detox and bile production (mild laxatice) Helps reduce the risk of cancer thanks to phytochemical called kaempferol. Water content over 99 percent.

Anti inflammatory value, allicin, antibacterial, antifungal, boosts circulation, supoprts the production of detoxifying glutathione. To get the most from a garlic clove, let it sit for about 15 minutes after crushing or chopping to allow its powerful compounds to activate.

Green Beans17553887_10212724027519919_1976390352579117213_n

Absorbable silicon, strengthens connective tissue. Contain antiaging phytochemicals from sun-protective carotenoids and quercetin to free radical-fighting catechins.

Alkaline detoxification, full of collagen building vitamin C rich in immune boosting bioflavonoids. Boost lymph flow and strengthen blood vessels, aiding in the precention of varicose veins. Liver loving, diuretic and laxative effects so they help you maintain a flat belly all day.

Keep blood sugar steady, phytochemicals prevent DNA damage and boost immunity. Great source of vitamin B, thiamine. Sweet and crisp so try them raw.

Mustard family are fantastic source of vitamin C and a source of the rare but essential beauty minerals sulfer and silicon. Support thyroid health, clean stagnation, ease digestion, reduce water retention.

Lycopene and quercetin to protect skin from sun damage. Excellent source of calcium. Try it chopped, roasted and with a little salt and coconut oil for salads or in savory tart.

Romaine Lettuce
One handful provides more than 80% of vitamin A needs. Good source of folate, silicon, vitamin B.

Vitamin A and glutathione, regenerated vitamin C. Nourishing to the eyes and the liver. Contains compounds that protect the lining of the digestive tract from inflammation. Major dose of bone strengthening vitamin K.  Eat with vitamin C-rich foods like lemon or strawberries to aid in the absorption of its beauty nutrients.

Powerful sources of antiaging, easily digestible enzymes

Collagen building free radical fighting vitamin C

Sugar Snap Peas
Protein, iron, good for hair, skin nails.

Repair DNA damage. Defends against free-radical damage, reduces redness, lowers inflammation, boosts glutathione production.



Summer Foods

Short season, full of beta carotene, UV protective vitamin A, zeaxanthin supports healthy eyes. Digestive aids and mild laxative properties.

Antiagers, decrease insulin resistance

Once cup has more vitamin A and C than you’d need in a day.

Sodium, potassium, cooling, detox, flush your body. Blood pressure lowering.
Inflammation defender. Pigments help form skin and keep connective tissues strong. Used to alleviate arthritis.

Collard Greens
Beta carotene that converts to beauty vitamin A and vitamin C. Rich in chlorophyll to oxygenate your blood, vitamin K for blood vessel health, and folate.

Anti-inflammatory, kidney cleansing

Slippery gel inside an okra pod, mucilage, gives unique detoxifying benefits. Lubricates intestines. Keep blood sugar steady.17553533_10212724021519769_6956162066925634287_n

Vitamin C, E, beta carotene, protects from sun damage, wrinkles, brown spots.

Free radical fighter (vitamin C) Help with cooling the body, circulation, digestion, and fluid retention.

Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers have more than green ones. Circulation support, antiinflammatory, chemoprotective. Eat raw to keep antioxidants intact.

Less bloat, rich in vitamin D, copper, potassium. Balances water and heat in the body.

Cooling, antinflammatory, antiobesity. Anthocyanins which defend against collagen breakdown. Eat at ripest, juciest point, when antioxidant levels are highest.

Large list of antioxidants, fighting ellagic acid. Blood building and liver supporting properties that strengthen and support gorgeous skin and healthy hair. Plus biotin.

Anti cancer nutrients protect skin from UV damage. Cooking them increases lycopene absorption as does a little drizzle of olive oil.

UV defense, reduces water retention and cools and detoxifies the body. Source of iron, make arginine which supports cardiovascular health.

Fiber and detoxifying makes you feel full and block absorption. Offers antiaging vitamins C A plus ralaxing blood pressure lowering magnesium and potassium.



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