By 2050 there are projected to be 9.2 billion people in the world. Homelessness is already an issue. While working for Habitat for Humanity I learned a great deal about the process of building and buying a home. It’s quite difficult for an average family to afford a decent house; I would know because I had to turn away so many candidates that deserved a house. The homeless veterans alone are an issue, but homeless families and others just within the United States is not acceptable. I have never been everywhere (it’s on my list) but I’ve seen homeless in New Zealand where I didn’t think this even was an issue. Anyone who wants a home should be able to get one, especially if they’re willing and able to work for one but even if they are not.

I wish to emulate this. Whoever went forth with it, kudos.

With a community garden, a little public school for any and all ages in the middle and the ability for families and others to learn important life skills and thrive in the world. Why are people rejected of this right who so much deserve it?

Teach them of sustainability. How to take care of yourself properly. Offer rehab if they need it. It takes a village. In some parts of the world, especially large cities we have lost this feel. Well, it’s time to get it back.

How can I do it? How can you help?


I’m ready!



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