Action Ahimsa.

It took me quite a long time to figure out what to name the cumulation of all of my ideas, my work, my passions.

Lemme try to explain the ACTION part of the name, as it has many meanings.


the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

the way in which something such as a chemical has an effect or influence.

exciting or notable activity.

a thing done; an act.

Actions bring me peace, thus the Ahimsa part. In order to feel whole there are many actions I take to get there.

The more actions I come to love, the more I accept myself and enjoy the process. That’s essentially what I’d love to do, help others embrace the actions they love. Empower them to act on these actions!

As a child, I loved walking and climbing about in nature. This will always be my home and has brought me solitude to understand my thoughts and there’s that word again, actions.

Music and dance came hand in hand for me, bringing me great joy in times of sorrow and times of bliss.

Water and swimming make you feel weightless and full of energy. When I discovered kayaking on a friend’s lake years ago, it enhanced my experiences with water. I was granted the ability to fly just above the water, watching fish below me.

Skiing is the reason I took off for Colorado in the first place. This action gave me the ability to fly on the mountains.

Skating came later but gave me an even deeper appreciation for weightlessness.

Breathing wasn’t fully appreciated until I experienced yoga. After an hour of mindful breathing and brain and body exercise, I would leave the studio feeling like a new woman! I began to incorporate deep breathing into my life during times of stress or just randomly and this really slowed me down and truly calmed me. What wonder something we automatically do can be taken for granted and not used for those benefits!?

Adventure. This is an action for me. I dream to travel the world all over but whether it’s playing a sport, trying a new restaurant or food, or people watching, it’s your adventure. I strive to live life every day like it’s an adventure and hope to instill this in others. Adventure can be loving your daily routine, practicing the same thing over and over, or walking down the street. Like yoga is your practice on the mat, adventure is what YOU make it.

All of these things bring about chemical reactions in the brain!

But wait, there’s more! Eating! That’s a verb, and it’s crucial a crucial action one to create energy for the metabolism to do it’s work. Eating should be a happy and healthy relationship, not a dreaded act. Though this sometimes is hard to appreciate with necessary costs involved such as the effort to prepare, money, and time spent to create a yummy meal. You can’t deny – it’s important. It’s so dang fun to put your lips to a brand new ethnic meal you’ve never tried or slurp a specialty drink sometimes. I specialize in recipes easy, cheap meals, perfect for people on the go, lazy, or camping.

There are actions and choices associated with eating. This is where my awareness began. In highschool I had a phenomenal teacher who taught me all about ecology. Followed by 6 years of being a vegetarian I researched animal rights and ways to get proper nutrients without eating something I once thought was crucial for a filling diet. I learned, that in many areas we can make changes to create a better future for the children and animals that will come after my time on earth.

Thus, advocacy.

If we don’t start to speak up, who will? If we don’t make changes, how will our children know what to do? I wish the world was based around ahimsa, non violence and peace but unfortunately it is not.

I needed an outlet to voice my opinions, alternatives, and hopes for the future. So here it is. You’ll find ideas all throughout the advocacy tab. After working for Habitat for Humanity for years, BUILD is an action I love and desire to expand upon in the future. I have sustainability suggestions and hopes and deep issues with the homeless community. Human rights, environmental rights, etc are being violated every day. I wish to help in the ways I am passionate about.

Finally, creativity. CREATE! What an action that is. So hard for some to find what inspires us to feel, do, act. I know I struggle with this because I have so much appreciation and pure desire for knowledge. In the create tab you will find my personal ventures with art and poetry as well as things that I see in which I wish you could too!

Maybe we can go together someday, maybe we can talk about things that inspire us in a book club. The world is filled of maybes but you must ACT on the possibilities.

So go out, make those chemicals react in your brain, inspire yourself and empower others. I implore you! The world needs more do-ers to act on their thinking!


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