Find the things you love and let them consume you.

I like to kayak because it feels like I can self propel myself into flight while floating atop water. It is a most freeing feeling. Are you a bird? A fikayak3sh? A person?

You can explore little corners you wouldn’t be able to with a boat. Kayaking is for the most adventurous and inquisitive people.

It’s certainly fun to kayak in a lake, or secluded area where the only sounds are of your paddle entering the water. But have you ever gone near a city?

If you’re looking for a new perspective, I suggest you might try this.

If cities were alive, rivers would be their arteries. Rivers have been the lifeblood of civilization at times: Rome, London, Paris, Moscow, Pittsburgh – are all built on rivers.

Th area around Tigres and Euphrates in Mesopotamia is known as the Cradle of Civilization because it’s believed that society began there.

In Pittsburgh, we owe the rich existence to it’s three rivers: Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio.kayak

In the 1800s, Pittsburgh was a major rowing capital with 20 boathouses and is making a comeback. If history is any indicator, as long as rivers run through the area, people will continue to flock to them like birds, to live, play, and work.


If you are fortunate to love kayaking as much as me, then you’ll strive to make it a part of your life. Once you get a kayak the freedom to explore doubles! You can toss it into the water and experience areas you never dreamed of getting to on foot or seeing from a road!


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