There was something captivating about people who were unafraid to be themselves: authentic, unmasked, and unashamed of the wounds that shaped them. Their vulnerability was magnetic. I was drawn to them. To learn from their self- acceptance. To hear their stories. To see their courage.

I learned it is often a good thing to ask people about their scars. As long as I do it respectfully. And lovingly.

Asking demystifies scars. And allows people to share what has shaped them. Because all scars have a story. I saw that when we display our scars, we inspire others to do the same.

Those of us with scars should wear them like jewels, treasured reminders of what we’ve endured. 

It’s okay to show our imperfections. It is even courageous. 

And perhaps we’ll discover the beauty in our scars. 


Please share your stories!



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