Whether you are a snow lover, fighter, or somewhere in between these are some ways you wouldn’t be able to deny as a way to spice up your winter months.

1. Let your bed be your desk, if you can.

If you can’t then wear laye60850e5116a64c6145c520880b53e694rs and have that emergency kit in your car for the just in case instances! Should include blankets, H2O, food, flashlight.

2. Make your blanket a fashion statement.

Create a bring your snuggie to work day.

3. Cuddle up with a pup.

One of your friends surely have a dog you could borrow just for the day, or a week..

4. Get way out of town – head south for the winter.

Be sure to snag your favorite book to read while away.

5. Take a hibernatistayingwarmon vacation.

Be the bear and allot some time for your much needed sleep cave.

6. Watch warm weather entertainment

The news on the tube will just make you cold anyways. Try a fire maybe, just like your ancestors before you did.

7. Spice up your meals!

Literally; or get a little soupy in the evenings, grilled cheese and tomato soup pairs nicely with the arctic tundra. Care for a spot of tea?

8. Find a jacuzzi or take a warm bath.

This is proven to lower stress levels!


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