Mumford and Sons has become a religion for me. The chords, sounds, vocals effect me in ways I truly never knew possible. Boy can the boys make me cry, weep even. Sometimes it begins as a sad cry and becomes a happy or grateful cry. Sometimes it’s solely that transition from the melody to a yearning yell or foot stomp. Either way, Mumford and Sons have brought out emotions in me that I may have had trouble finding otherwise.

None of my descriptive words could ever accurately depict my love for this band, let me preface by saying that.

Lover of the Light is uplifting, outlandish, and just purely good for my soul. I also would say there is nothing better than watching  Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane perform.

Except for their Lover of the Light music video.

The idea behind the video is sweet but the way they depict it is just something that makes me choke up every time I watch. The gentleman in the video is carefully going through his daily duties with slow ease it appears. Once he makes it outside, he has found true happiness regardless of the difficulties he surely faces from being blind. It shows close ups of the man touching a blade of grass and running to the ocean, face up to that holy light, the sun. In every aspect, Mumford and Sons has the talent, hearts, minds, and soul to move millions of people.Marcus+Mumford+Mumford+Sons+2015+Bonnaroo+rESSswJqjLdl.jpg

Babel is one of my best friends favorite songs. When we saw Mumford play live in Pittsburgh together, I experienced him in a little different way. Watching him soberly stomp the ground as hard as he possibly could, spinning around, arms in the air is a mental bubble I will always hold very close.

He certainly didn’t appear sober. It was so blissful in that moment, throughout the whole concert actually. This is something Mumford does and I don’t even understand how! Each song is sooo soulful, meaningful, melodic.. perfect.

I say Mumford is my religion because I feel so close to myself, God, and just everything. No matter what I’m doing when I listen to their music it changes me for the better. My favorite song of all time is Below My Feet. Comparable to a young child obsessing over that one Frozen song is me permanently about this song.

I went to Bonnaroo in 2013 with intents to wait the entire day to be front row to see Mumford. Unfortunately, we found out they couldn’t perform due to beloved bassist, Ted having a blood clot in his brain! Not only was I devastated that they weren’t playing but because 1 out of my 4 favorite performers in the universe was il
l in health. I was thankful Jack Johnson made up for my sadness with his happy tunes, however.

They didn’t play my jam in Pittsburgh when I made my second attempt to see them but they sure did at Bonnaroo this last year and it was everything I ever could have wanted it to be and more. It was there that I experienced the most wonderful moments in my life so far. Just little moments, but wow.

When I go to festivals, I plan that shit. I literally figure out every musician I cannot miss and plan my experience around that. Well, Saturday was a great day for music but I spent my day waiting in line for Mumford.. while I was waiting they made The Wolf music video throughout the festival and it was a crucial time I wish I could be two places at once.

I saw some great bands as I waited but as the sun began to set my excitement reached an ultimate high. There was a mild stampede as the security and volunteers let us into the pit and though I wanted to push and shove like many people were, Mumford and Sons epitomizes the opposite of pushing and shoving. Needless to say, with that attitude, I was certainly not front row. I found myself located in near two very horribly cranky people and they became worse as I began eagerly jumping around getting psyched for my people to enter stage left. I didn’t allow it to bother me for even a second as soon as I heard the voice of Marcus Mumford whisper in the dark. (see what I did there?)

The entire concert was mind blowing. I always wonder how bands can be so personal in front of so many people, Mumford is no exception in that. But my goodness, watching those four angels on earth strum their instruments, run around, and put everything into every song physically made me tired watching them. I could go on and on about their stage presence but you really just have to watch a live performance to understand.

Ed Helms, one of my favorite actors from my favorite show – The Office! entered the scene after some songs which made me extra happy considering the spoofy Hopeless Wanderer video he appeared in. Gets me every time!7-mumford-sons-bonnaroo-2015.jpg

I was so engulfed in their performance time stood still.

After Broad Shouldered Beasts their was a fast transition to Below My Feet which completely caught me off guard and gave me a feeling that I probably won’t ever feel again.

The moment you finally get to hear your favorite song in the world by your favorite band isn’t something you take lightly. I had to somehow make it even more perfect and in a split, unplanned decision I asked a tall stranger standing next to me if he would please lift my short body up to see the four dudes responsible for so many happy tears over the years. He happily agreed, and though security told me to get down multiple times I pretended not to hear and allowed the greatest feelings to rush over me completely and entirely.

If you look at their Bonnaroo video during the song(1 hour 8 minutes) they actually pan out to shoot me on the dude’s shoulders. Just an added bonus – documentation to one of my favorite moments.

To say this was one of the best days is accurate but also an understatement because there are no words to describe how Mumford and Sons can make you feel if you take the time to really listen with your ears, heart, and mind. I believe Peace can be brought to this world if more people listened to Mumford or attended a music festival. You will be forced to love your creator and every person around you.mumford.jpg

With that being said, I just want to thank Mumford and Sons for existing. Countless times a day, or week I think to myself, boy am I grateful for being able to listen to such powerful tunes. I

am not sure mentally or literally where I would be right now without your grounding yet uplifting music. I hope someday you are able to read my words and understand how much you mean to me as musicians and human beings. Thank you for performing tirelessly and blessing my heart, mind, and soul. Thank you for creating moments that enable average people to scream, jump, dance, and cry all at the same time.

You create, produce and diligently craft magic and will be my favorite band in the universe until the day that I die as well as probably a million other people.

Thank you. Bless you. I love you so much!


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