Why do you skate?

Skate, meditate, repeat.IMG_9047

For me, it is trusting your mind and balance to lead you in the right direction. It’s an experience completely different from anything else I’ve done and from the beginning, I knew I was hooked.

I learned to skate because of the man in the videos below.  After some pretty gnarly wipeouts and cuts and bruises, my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

Skating has to be a passion for the kind of longboarding Trent does, because sometimes it’s as if he’s really risking his life bombing down mountains over 50 miles an hour.

13580557_551565121719074_6147953385012772529_oSo when I say I get some gross cuts, they hide in comparison to the potential of the ones he could get. Luckily and with much skill behind the luck, I don’t have to worry too much; he’s a pretty smooth rider.

Skating is his religion. Whenever he’s down, he wants to skate. When the weather call, he wants to skate. It’s beautiful watching his eyes light up like a little kid when we drive down an unsuspected steep road.

Find you a man who knows his passions and keeps at em and maybe if you’re lucky he’ll help you to understand why and inspire you to give it a go yourself.

Point of the post though, whatever your passion may be, don’t lost sight of it. It’s especially beneficial if it makes you feel like a kid again each and every time those wheels start spinnin’


“You didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old,
you got old because you quit skateboarding.”


For more videos of Trenton visit his youtube channel.

Trent rides Arbor mostly and I prefer the Landyachtz he gave me over the one I bought for myself all the way.

I can always look to him for inspiration or guidance, and he taught me with much patience and bravery I CAN DO IT!13612236_551559575052962_824940813621319586_n

He told me to imagine where you want to go, relax and let the board lead you. These things I will take with me far beyond longboarding.

Plus you can surely get around a lot faster when you’re trying to see a town or push around a long sidewalk. Hugeee perks!

I aim to highlight the things that bring me peace and add fuel to my fire.

We did a lot of exploring and a lot of skating in Canada to a Landyachtz Longboard Competition on Giant’s Head in Summerville, BC. You can check our highlights below 🙂


For more videos of Trenton visit his youtube channel.




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