To truly transform your beauty and health, it’s important to weed out the foods that do the undermining.


empty calories, zero nutritional benefits, steal nutrition and hydration, stresses liver and that glowing complexion, affects blood flow to your skin


pumps up the stress hormone cortisol, contributes to wrinkles and belly fat, burden on body’s adrenal glands and liver, acidic to body’s pH, preventative from deep, reparative beauty sleep

Canned Foods with Bisphenol A

Linked to breast cancer, depression, childhood obesity, BPA mimics estrogen in your body, throwing off natural hormonal balance. Choose fresh foods or those in BPA free cans.


The added antibiotics and hormones spike insulin in the body, leading to breakouts. Two troubling components of dairy, a protein called casein and sugar called lactose can cause bloating and gas and digestive issues that prevent your body from breaking down and assimilating the essential nutrients from your beauty foods.

Fried foods

high in fat, cooked oils, and trans fats which are linked to obesity, inflammation, high cholesterol, and heart disease, aggravate or cause hormonal imbalance in your body.

Oils heated to high temps for frying purposes are major sources of free radicals.
Free radicals– reactive oxygen molecules that steal electrons from healthy molecules in your body, causing cellular damage in the process


Wheat, rye, barley. Even if not allergic possibility of sensitivity even with a blood test stating otherwise. Negative effects include inflammation that speeds up aging and weight gain, compromised digestion and assimilation of beauty nutrients, harmful immune response, headaches, fatigue and redness .

Grilled and Overcooked Foods

The more you burn, brown, singe, overcook, the less beauty nutrients they retain and more Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). Espceially this is for animal profucts but also chared veggies are problematic for beauty.


Most conventional meats from the store contain antibiotics, hormones, and boost inflammation with an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids and a lack of omega-3s

Pesticide-Sprayed Produce

Unless you buy organic produce, you’ll be exposed to pesticide residue containing toxins that increase the free-radical burden on your body and interfere with other beauty defense and repair processes

Processed Foods

Contribute preservatives, chemical additives, synthetic dyes, and fake flavors to your diet. Trigger aging inflammation and load body with free radicals. Could lead to spike in blood pressure that cause acne


One can of soda has empty calories and at least 10 teaspoons of sugar. High levels of phosphates in side have been lined to accelerated aging such as skin atrophy, tooth enamel decay and bone loss. Caramel color in colas is a direct source of AGE formation and aging, wrinkle causing process. Diet soda is loaded with artificial sweeteners that can slow metabolism and pack on the pounds of kgs.


Highly addictive linked to wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, breakdown of collagen, connective tissue and vascular system. More prone to illness, feeds bad bacteria, and curbs the production of anti-aging hormones in your body.

Also likely to block brain from signaling fullness and satiation leading to overindulgence, additionally water retention, bloating, indigestion, headaches, sugar cravings, and weight gain.


Beauty and health, like life, are a series of choices. So what’ll it be? Your diet can

  • create free radicals, or neutralize them
  • turn on genes for disease, or switch them off
  • leave you more susceptible to sun damage, or protect you from UV rays
  • increase inflammation, or reduce inflammation
  • cause excessive acidity, or promote ideal alkalinity
  • compromise the healthy bacteria in your digestive system, or support their growth
  • contribute to oxidate stress levels, or serve as your body’s greatest stress defense
  • form AGEs in your body, or prevent them
  • damage DNA function or protect it


Free Radicals

reactive oxygen molecules that are missing an electron, form as a result of unprotected exposure to UV rays, pollution, pesticides, cigarette smoke, radiation, oxidized fats, sugars, prescription drugs, and stress. To regain their stability, free radicals steal electrons from other molecules in your body, launching a domino effect that results in damage to your cells and collagen.

Good news? Antioxidants in healthy foods neutralize free radicals by giving them the electrons they seek, saving you from harm.

Oxidative Stress

Too many free radicals, not enough antioxidants to neutralize – oxidative stress builds.

Oxidative stress- overall free radical burden on your body, trigger inflammation, DNA damage, mitochondrial slowdown, graying hair, hair loss, aging of hair follicles


It’s the natural immune response triggered when the body sends white blood cells to the site of damage to begin healing. Characterized by heat, pain, swelling; sparks blemishes, breakouts, redness, wrinkles, dryness, itching, weight gain, depression.

Unhealthy acidity

Equilibrium between acidity and alkalinity is crucial to internal chemistry. Too many acidic foods (meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine) and habits (stress and lack of sleep) steal energy and nutrition from your body, speeding up the aging process, weakening bones, and causing dull, lackluster skin.

Mitochondrial Burnout

Oxidative stress causes mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells, to power down which leaves cells lacking energy. Protect mitochondria by eating antioxidant rich foods and packed with nutrients glutathione, manganese, vitamin C, CoQ10 alpha lipoic acid, and amino acid L carnitine

Remember beauty is more than skin deep.

The food you take in becomes your body, on a molecular level. Your breakfast, lunches, snacks, and drinks contain the components of your muscle, your lymph, your bodily fluids, your skin cells, your sebum, and your bones.

Nutritional Genomics

science relating diet and genetics


the study of outside influences on our gene expression

Your diet and lifestyle choices influence as much as 80 percent of your genetic expression.

Remember that beauty is in your genes today; but it’s how those genes perform that counts tomorrow. You can choose to rewrite your genetic story.




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