Yes, I’m making the bold statement. It’s the best state in the US to live, work, or visit.

I’m claiming 38 reasons because I like history and I’d like to share.

Colorado joined the union as the 38th state in 1876, is America’s eighth largest state in terms of land mass.

Colorado is notable for its diverse geography, ranging from alpine mountains, arid plains and deserts with huge sand dunes, deep canyons, sandstone and granite rock formations, rivers, lakes, and lush forests.

Located in the Rocky Mountain region of the western United States, these abundant and varied natural resources attracted the ancient Pueblo peoples and, later, the Plains Indians.

That’s 100 reasons right there for me but here are some more.

1. It’s a winter wonderland.

100 inches of powder, forcing you to stay inside with a warm cup of tea or dig yourself out and go play.

One weekend in January all of the mountain passes in Colorado closed. It takes a heavy amount of snow for this to happen. Try 100 inches on for size. evergreen 6

I was planning on it by taking road trip from Pikes Peak, the furthest southern fourteener into the depths of the Colorado Rockies. The end goal was to visit Telluride and it’s mountain town with three gondolas.

2. Telluride has the only free solar and wind powered gondolas.

For those of you who don’t know, these three gondolas are the only free solar and wind powered gondolas in all of the United States. You won’t find these spacious floating containers anywhere else within our borders. In comparison, the gondola in Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) is 45 dollars per person to ride just one time!

What we anticipated would be a 5 hour drive each way turned into 12 hours to arrive. It snowed and stormed all weekend and we were in Telluride for just a few short hours. We had to push the car our of the snow pile and race away from the storm as best as we could. 5 different routes were taken on just the way home. All involved turnarounds from white outs or closed roads totaling another whopping 14 hours. Leaving us for a total of 26 hours! We may as well have driven out of state to a tropical location but why leave when you’re already in the best state?

3. We have more hot springs than most states.

Ranking 5th from California, Oregon, New Mexico and Utah.

One neat thing though, it’s typically quite cold in Colorado in the winter and there’s nothing better than hanging out in freezing weather warmer than you would be snuggled up in a heated blanket.

What we imagined would be a full day in Telluride turned into no such thing. We were able to check out the clothing optional hot springs about an hour from Telluride the night before and wait for the icy night to end. We challenged ourselves to make snow angels in the deep snow on the dark night. What a rush!

4. Colorado folk are versatile; they can be adventurous and hermits.

People in Colorado are taught to be well prepared in any instance, or else they’re ready to hunker down.

Usually thanks to tips and advice from others you may not have to learn the hard way. However, bright and early we took off for Telluride and by the next day we were in New Mexico. When I say every pass was closed I am not kidding, even a smaller mountain pass in New Mexico was closed near the San Juan Mountains.

I absolutely love the snow and I think if equipped for a harsh winter I would have been less afraid during this drive. However, some things you can only prepare so much for. Yes, we should have had a 4 wheel drive but in the instance of this storm, did it really matter since the passes were closed?

evergreen 4Which leads to..

5. We are badass.

Though you can never know what to expect with mountain weather even with predictions we still choose to live here. Still into the week we saw effects from the snow blowing all over the west and into the mountains.

6. The climate varies more than any other state.

To the west is snow, to the south is sunshine and heat, so long as you drive far enough.

Though atop Pikes Peak saw some snow, we have so much sun and warmth in the southern portion of Colorado! Wait for the sun to melt the snow combined with the warmish day temperatures and driving conditions almost always clear up by the afternoon. It’s certainly not like this all the time and in all places in Colorado; as I can attest to with experience.

Maybe we shouldn’t be agreeing to a viewpoint like this, as everyone may try to come, BUT it has to be said: Pikes Peak is the best place to live in Colorado, possibly the entire United States! The climate is so unique. We have a fourteeners with all that goes along with living in the mountains yet we have the ability to be in Colorado Springs and experience less effects.

If you’re really sick of the cold, travel an hour to Pueblo and watch as the area changes even more. Where else can you actually run away from a snow storm in the mountains?

I’ll tell you where, nowhere.

7. There is nowhere else in the world like Colorado.

No other towns near fourteeners have the ability to run away from the cold if need be. We needed to get away from all the ski resorts and mountain passes to make it safely back home, to the base of Pikes Peak. Not everyone in Colorado can say that as they live on those mountain passes or tiny mountain towns! Even the pass up Pikes was closed!

We learned a hard way but it was the greatest lesson of appreciation. Pikes Peak is a unique place to live, with the feel of a bigger town but quaint little ones as soon as you begin to ascend up the mountain.

Pikes Peak7The celebrated culture and variety within towns is also something to appreciate though you have to live here for a while to actually be able to appreciate Pikes Peak in all of it’s glory.

8. There is too much to see, do, experience.

You almost have to move here to see it from the advantages I do, though it’s hard to deny these instances and more proving Colorado is the most amazing state.

9. The vibrant and colorful sunrises, immaculate views of the night sky and shooting stars.



Did you know that the Denver Broncos were given the colors blue and orange because of the sunsets in the sky?


10. Giant red rocks located all over the east and beneath, just waiting for you to boulder or rock climb.

g of g 4

11. The highest paved mountain road in the United States.

Trailing the highest in the world by less than 200 feet. A paved road that leads right to the top of Pikes Peak.

12. Hiking trails in your back yard.

Yes, any back yard and if not less than 10 minutes guaranteed from the city.

13. Voted the most dog friendly state.

We allow pups on the trails or in the pubs. We also accommodate them and treat them as family because they are. You’ll see more water bowls and treats given than anywhere else you’ve ever been. I have seen it!

14. Resilience is second nature.13580557_551565121719074_6147953385012772529_o

From the avalanches to floods to fires. We have badass workers and volunteers to save the animals, homes, and as much land as possible.

15. We are friendly and accept people for who they are.

Known for conservatism in the mountains, I still saw less Trump signs than any other state I traveled through during election time. We got out and voted and Hilary won in this state. Power to the ladies. May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them.

16. You will never be more inspired traveling anywhere else.

Aside from the natural beauty, anything boys can do, girls can do too. There are so many climbers, triathletes, mountaineers, firemen and women, sawyers ( I was one! )

Everyone has the chance to challenge themselves every day and probably won’t find it hard to find some powerful men and women to go along for the adventure.

You won’t see a ton of bikers in town but head to the trails, and you will!

Though all of Colorado is a gift from God for all the adventurers and life appreciators, Pikes Peak holds a place near and dear to many hearts.

The rest of Colorado offers the same feels I just haven’t had the chance to do more than visit elsewhere. Denver is the last place you want to go if visiting for the mountains but if you get off the airport there be sure to check out some breweries or shows.upbc

17. We have lots of local eats and homemade drinks.

And of course we find ways to include action sports like cycling to brewery clubs and my personal favorite: Beer & Yoga. I was able to teach this at a tiny brewery atop Pikes Peak and it was extremely worthwhile. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel right at home.

Can’t forget to mention the endless amounts of natural food stores and access to community gardens.

18. Red Rocks Amphitheater  !!!

I made the font bigger for this one, did you notice. If you’ve been here I don’t really need to elaborate but for those unfortunate ones. GO! Put it on your bucket list.

There is nothing like hearing the echoes and raw sounds from the natural AMP-theatre. 

14359080_1599777260316996_5405635804133817420_nIt is truly the happiest my ears have ever been.


19. Most fit state in America

Hard not to be when you live here, believe me.


20. Guess there’s a reason Bigfoot chose to live here…

So if that wasn’t a detailed enough list, you can read m14199562_10210568041101606_5883052023206829612_nore about my Colorado articles. There are plenty, and they’ll keep coming even while I travel about the world.

21. We have the
X Games.

Everyone is action packed, and try various sports and events. Aside from the crazy winter sports there is a heavy influence on longboarders here.


22. CO was the first state to legalize marijuana.

Freedom is the message here! You can do what you want, and guess what? Less crime

23. The squatters are super nice.

As opposed to obnoxious and mean people I’ve met in places like New York. These simple folk mind their own business, just trying to be in a space that doesn’t burden anyone. And they surely don’t bother me.

24. Colorado is home to everyone.

Colorado has plenty of imports. It’s rare to meet a large group of people from Colorado. 

25. Culture is valued and celebrated.

13312915_10209801167290240_3450013359135256848_nFind out yourself why the mountains become a deep pulling and reserve a special place in your heart. Imprint into your brain and see what the natives saw.

Tava, the mountain of the sun is a place for healing, serenity, and enjoyment. It’s a place for rich history and appreciation of the earth, with healing waters flowing right down it. How lucky are we that we get to call this place home?!

26. There are miles and miles of bike paths all over the place!

Or you can drive all about the little towns.

27. Co-ops

People are overall quite cooperative to one another and14519728_10210905586700035_4498112936370337086_n businesses always feature one another. Makes you feel like you live in a village again. It’s superb. You’ll soon find out for yourself once you make the trek here.

28. Liquid Gold!

As the leaves change you’ll want to be here to watch the Aspens change from green to bright yellow.


38. We have the most fourteeners!

54 next to the 12 in California. Whew! So clearly this counts for at least 10 reasons why to come.

g of g 11

g of g 9

There are plenty more than 38 reasons why you need to be here! 13680790_10210324905703373_7128229146510271251_n

Such as wildlife..


Photos of and by Trenton Meiron & Alyssa Baker



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