Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Everyone

One of the most important things in life is understanding yourself. It is taking great care to understand what your body needs and doesn’t. Yoga aides in that total understanding; if you have arthritis, limited mobility, or other health issues, there is a modification for almost every yoga pose to accommodate your physical needs.

Whether its at a yoga studio, community center, or in your home yoga is a great way to gently bild your endurance while also fostering a mind-body connection. One of the great things about yoga is that it is so adaptable to different populations with diverse physical abilities and needs. Though the popular image of yoga may be a young person twisted up like a pretzel with apparent ease those who are older and less flexible can enjoy a yoga practice just as much and potentially benefit more.

Is yoga appropriate for seniors?yoga-seniors-mdn

Retirement is the perfect time to go against the tendency of becoming sedentary and instead pick up healthy habits that promote longevity. Attending a yoga class regularly also establishes a sense of community and friendship with teachers and fellow students. These types of social connections have been shown to be surprisingly important for maintaining health and well-being as we age. Avoid social isolation at all costs! Engage your brain!

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Increased muscle tone, balance, strength and improved mood. Pranayama, Sanskrit for breathing exercises, creates increased lung capacity. Better posture. Detoxification through twists. Positively improve your sleeping habits as you see your stress decline through regular practice.

Keep in mind these benefits won’t come overnight but it can significantly increase your health. Prevent health problems before they become an issue through the practice of unity between your mind, body and soul: yoga.

I have taught yoga classes specifically for seniors (up to 95 in years so far!) and can modify for any student, of any age, with any physical restraint! If you are interested email for more information about private or public lessons.

My article was published in Pikes Peak Senior News and lead to an influx in students of all ages. Will you be next?

pikes peak senior

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