Are you wondering?

It’s a constant struggle and the longer you sit the less you want to. I mean this in terms of months. At first, I enjoyed the office job perks and didn’t mind just being in a building in a place so beautiful. As I work longer hours and more months I am now less than stoked.

Habits of Office Workers:

Working in the basement, I suit myself directly next to a window I can see only the sky out of. Not the 14,115 ft mountain unless you walk upstairs and look out those windows.

1. I do my best to get close to fresh air as I can from that little crack in the window.

It’s certainly not what the 30 minute clips of what The Office portrays office life to be like.

2. At times, I find myself gazing off into dreamland.

3. Habitually checking Facebook because.. IT’S .. ONE.. CLICK.. AWAY

4. I create tasks that will get me outside

    …even if it’s just driving in my car to drop something off at the post office.

Working for non-profits are extremely difficult, sometimes tedious but so worth it. The actions are meaningful and everything I do I strive for purpose but sometimes my true purpose shines through my daily tasks.

5. I revert to thoughts about sunshine on my face, my feet walking on game trail, my hands reaching out to grab and smell the blooming flowers.

It’s almost summer! No summer changes except the amount of people driving through my town to visit the surrounding Pikes Peak area and the work that’s piling up on my desk. Blinding out any spontaneous chances at the Great Outdoors.Jim-on-desk-the-office.png

6. Create my own happiness

It seemed like I was dying to move to Colorado, to face any task at hand, and for a while I was lost in bitterness. Bitterness of not being able to do what I want to do here for more hours in a day, spending much too much time indoors.

I’ve learned so many life lessons working at a desk, reflecting, thinking, dreaming. 

About myself, my goals, tendencies, what I seek in a workplace and where. It takes courage to realize what you want and then act on it. I’m so thankful to learn that I need to be outside as my form of employment. The next step is acting on that and reaching out to grab opportunities that drive you in that direction.

Good luck in your future endeavors and adventures college graduates and others seeking a new opportunity – recognize what your soul needs and start to make conscious steps toward that.

Maaaaad props to all the desk jobs out there and the people who fill those seats. The work is certainly necessary and someone’s gotta do it. Thanks, you the real mvps.


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